Sunday, 24th of March 2019
Sunday, 24th of March 2019
Welcome all Pilates Fans!
This web site is a dedicated Pilates blog site, with extra features like a Pilates Studio Finder, Pilates news links, general Pilates information and more. The Pilates Studio finder covers North America at the moment, but we are working to add International support soon. Using the map feature its easy to zoom into an area to see what options you have.

I invite you to create your own Pilates blog and to read and comment on other blogs. If you own a studio or frequent one, that is not listed in my Pilates Studio finder, please submit with all the relavant information. has a Swedish web address because I ran a Pilates studio in Stockholm for several years. Since then, we have moved back to the States and beautiful Seattle, and I have been working on this site to help others find great studios and share information.

Please don't hesitate to sign up and pass on the site to others. The more information we share the better instruction we'll get.

Get a long spine and a long life!

Svenska Pilates fans
Denna sida är nu en i första hand Amerikansk Pilates blog och studio databas. Målet är att vara global inom ett år. För att söka efter studios i Sverige, skriv in stad, Sweden i sökraden "Search by Map." Om du är intresserad av, eller till och med är instruktör i Pilates kan du här blogga om dina Pilates relaterade erfarenheter och upplevelser. Du kan lista en studio, kommentera och poängsätta studios du besökt, eller bara läsa och ta del av vad andra kommenterat, bloggat etc.

Välkommen med kommentarer och frågor, gärna på engelska då så många som möjligt kan dra nytta, men annars går det bra med Svenska.

Skaffa dej en lång ryggrad och lev längre!


This is exactly why I love and practise Pilates!
100 year old Ruth in New York does Pilates, and she has not even done it for that long (since she was 90!!) and lives a healty life without excesses. Take note people, life is what you make it.

Read article here.
Now I like the little nick name the nasty five, for the stomach series. I cannot remember now where it came from originally. Or, I would like to call it the fab five, cause really you get a fab little powerhouse workout in less than 5 minutes. And I add the 100s and the rollups right before as well.


single leg stretch
double le stretch
single straight leg stretch
double straight leg strech
criss cross

I so agree with Rael in this description of Pilates. That you need to understand you are working within your personal ability and there is where you will progress. No one body is the same as another, and cannot be compared!!!

article copied from

"Stars choose Pilates over fad workouts

Renowned Pilates instructor connects the body and mind through six key elements

03.03.2011– Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, and even Ozzy Osbourne have
Read this funny entry about Pilates from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

The Pilates society has lost an icon. link to story here.
I have had many requests for a teen pilates class. What I decided to do, is a 60 minute posture class. When I was a teen I had rather bad posture, like many teens I see today. I grew very tall very fast ( I am over 6 feet), and was self conscious, but you don't have to be tall to have bad posture.

The format of the class is a one time 1 hour "posture" class, with an option to continue with weekly Pilates mat classes especially tailored to the teens attending. The posture class will
If I lived anywhere close to San Francisco, I wouldn't miss these workshops for anything!
Kathryn Ross Nash is an amazing teacher's teacher, don't miss out if you are interested in furthering yourself in the Pilates technique. And Jay Grimes, well he is one of the "elders" although he himself despises the term. He is a well of knowledge and stories about Joe and Clara. I have taken workshops with both in the past and you should make time for this if you want to grow your
I have to share this article, from the Huffington Post. And it is very true!!!!
If you not yet practising Pilates you will start tomorrow, right?!
if you are interested in a Balanced Body Legacy reformer, and if you are in the Seattle area, (or can arrange shipping), you may want to buy my reformer including the box for $3000. Check out the details att BB homepage.

Price new was $3595. My reformer is in perfect condition, absolutely no marks or scratches.

I am also looking to buy a Gratz reformer, 86" or 89".

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :-)
This is what my instructor have had me do for the past 2 weeks, due to a large incision on my back.
I had a rather tiny mole taken out before Christmas, and they took out a whole lot of surrounding tissue too. 4.6 centimeters x 1.6 centimeters (thank god the medical measurements always are in metric so I know exactly what they are talking about!!).
This meant quite a few stitches right at my mid-back just left of the spine. Haven't done much flexing lately...
I am soo over this by now, I just

Starting position
Lie on your back with your legs together and lifted in a bent position. Exhale and pull your belly button to the floor, try to keep it there throughout the exercise and try to pull it down even more with every exhalation. Lay your arms straight above your head on the floor, without letting your ribcage push up. Feel your tail bone heavy to the floor without pushing it down, and don’t arch.

Photo Credit: Janne Danielsson

The exercise
Inhale into your back and float your arms,