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Sunday, 24th of March 2019
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Jeanette from San Francisco
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This is exactly why I love and practise Pilates!
100 year old Ruth in New York does Pilates, and she has not even done it for that long (since she was 90!!) and lives a healty life without excesses. Take note people, life is what you make it.

Read article here.
Now I like the little nick name the nasty five, for the stomach series. I cannot remember now where it came from originally. Or, I would like to call it the fab five, cause really you get a fab little powerhouse workout in less than 5 minutes. And I add the 100s and the rollups right before as well.


single leg stretch
double le stretch
single straight leg stretch
double straight leg strech
criss cross

I so agree with Rael in this description of Pilates. That you need to understand you are working within your personal ability and there is where you will progress. No one body is the same as another, and cannot be compared!!!

article copied from

"Stars choose Pilates over fad workouts

Renowned Pilates instructor connects the body and mind through six key elements

03.03.2011– Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, and even Ozzy Osbourne have
Read this funny entry about Pilates from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
Oh dear, oh dear!
i should not have had such a long and sumptuous break from pilates this summer. i went to Sweden with my kids and ate potatoes (there is NOTHING like Swedish new potatoes) and drank rosé wine for 4 weeks.
back in the saddle, or on the reformer as is happens, i am now regretting that i did "nada" for that whole time, except for some ham string stretching. My back also needs some massage, i must book that appointment today!
The foot work is OK, but lordie, the

The Pilates society has lost an icon. link to story here.
I have had many requests for a teen pilates class. What I decided to do, is a 60 minute posture class. When I was a teen I had rather bad posture, like many teens I see today. I grew very tall very fast ( I am over 6 feet), and was self conscious, but you don't have to be tall to have bad posture.

The format of the class is a one time 1 hour "posture" class, with an option to continue with weekly Pilates mat classes especially tailored to the teens attending. The posture class will
At my private home studio on Mercer Island, I have all the Pilates equipment, and more!

I run mat classes wednesdays and fridays 9.30am, they are currently full, but please let me know and
I will put you on the waitlist. There may be new classes scheduled, let me know when you want to train.

The privare sessions are $60 /hour.
Mat classes (1 hour ) are:
$20 for once a week
$30 for 2 classes in one week

Let me know if you want to take Pilates, just send me an email:

Isn't that something!

"Burlates, a new form of fitness that is a cross between burlesque and pilates, is set to become the latest craze in Sydney.


Burlates creator Rachel St James, the Dita Von Teese of the southern hemisphere and a former Penthouse pet, said it combined pilates'' core strength and flexibility with sexy shimmies and hip rolls to create a glam workout fit for the boudoir."

from the new Kerala


full article here.

If I lived anywhere close to San Francisco, I wouldn't miss these workshops for anything!
Kathryn Ross Nash is an amazing teacher's teacher, don't miss out if you are interested in furthering yourself in the Pilates technique. And Jay Grimes, well he is one of the "elders" although he himself despises the term. He is a well of knowledge and stories about Joe and Clara. I have taken workshops with both in the past and you should make time for this if you want to grow your
I have to share this article, from the Huffington Post. And it is very true!!!!
If you not yet practising Pilates you will start tomorrow, right?!
if you are interested in a Balanced Body Legacy reformer, and if you are in the Seattle area, (or can arrange shipping), you may want to buy my reformer including the box for $3000. Check out the details att BB homepage.

Price new was $3595. My reformer is in perfect condition, absolutely no marks or scratches.

I am also looking to buy a Gratz reformer, 86" or 89".

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :-)
This is what my instructor have had me do for the past 2 weeks, due to a large incision on my back.
I had a rather tiny mole taken out before Christmas, and they took out a whole lot of surrounding tissue too. 4.6 centimeters x 1.6 centimeters (thank god the medical measurements always are in metric so I know exactly what they are talking about!!).
This meant quite a few stitches right at my mid-back just left of the spine. Haven't done much flexing lately...
I am soo over this by now, I just
I have to admit, the teaser have not been my favorite Pilates exercise. Ever.
I had, for the longest time difficulties to get and keep my legs up there. Please note I have very, very long legs ;-)
It's not an excuse, but I feel it has been my psychological block, together with a slight actual physical disadvantage.

Some years ago I used to have to modify with legs in a open bent "diamond" position, which still got my power house working and did not involve the psoas. I still use it
But we already knew that!
You have to read this article with an interview of an opera singer, sent out today by Siri Dharma Galliano.
There is no question, that the people that were lucky enough to have studied with Joseph Pilates, always came away with a very strong impression. I would have loved to have meet him! In many ways, the way he is described, he reminds me of my late pappa.
It has been my wish since I started understaing Pilates, that I get to live a long and healthy life, and I really
than exercise. I had to share this article, when I read it.
As a teacher you really do get to know your clients very well sometimes, especially if they come for years to your class. That is an aspect of teaching that is like icing on the cake, that people want to share their stories with you. I feel priviliged to teach , and get to spend time with people who is coming to me for help and guidance, not always only in the Pilates realm.
Imagine having lots of trouble with back pain, and be told you need to go under the knife. Frown
Sometimes all you need is Pilates.
Another inspiring success story. Read article here.
This is very true people.
Some say Pilates created his system of workout for men (himsef first), and it is certainly true, that men will benefit highly from Pilates exercises.
Of course this doesn't stop us women to do what we love, but maybe we can inspire the ones we love to do what we doLaughing

To read article click here.
I now live in the Emerald City, Seattle for you not in the know. This allows me to be a client at one of the best, if not the best, Pilates studio on the west coast; Metropolitan Pilates. I have been coming for privates sessions, once a week, since the summer, and my excellent instructor is Adrianna.
My cardiovascular capacity is certainly improved, this is a workout people, not a rest. If you don't get "warm" or better, break a sweat, you ain't getting busy in your Pilates
There is a funny short from the New York Times, which when I read, I giggled.
I too am almost 6.1, and there is no way I can sit normally in an airplane seat, especially on trans-atlantic flights, where they make the space in between your seat and the next even shorter! Brooke, I feel your pain!
Great interview with legendary Ron Fletcher in this uk paper. If you are an instructor you have to read it, and if you are into Pilates you should get a kick out of it.
Please press link for article.
The Russian splits. Have you tried them ?? Have you tried them the way the really should be done??
Probably not. I had great difficulty today, as my excellent instructor Lucero at PilatesWorks, threw these at me at the end of my session, when I thought I was done (after running and pelvic lift).
I had trouble even standing still in the position on my right leg. My right side is my trouble side, my right SI is off, my right hip is tight, my right ribcage is torqued, etc, etc. It was not sooo bad
Two days in a row of Pilates has left its slight ouches.
I had a private session on Tuesday morning with my excellent teacher Lucero at PilatesWorks in SF. A superb reformer hour, including almost everything. My knee stretches is getting ALOT better I have to say. I can do my 10/10/15 without wanting to die!
On Wednesdays I sometimes workout in a duet at my other favorite studio Golden Gate Pilates. We did some reformer exercises on the mat. If you haven't tried it, it is a hellish way of
I am finally getting stronger in my quads.
In my initial teacher training we were told to not really work out the quads, "because they are strong anyway", and to focus on strengthening the hams. Well it has become clear to me as I took my first Classical session, that I was very weak in the legs.

Knee stretches, an exercise I never used to do, is becoming easier (well more doable). When I first did this exercise I nearly died. Really, I at least wanted to die. Since I first did
Well after a 3 week vacation in Sweden, I am soooo ready to get back to my Pilates regimen. The only thing I have been doing for myself for the last while is stretch my hams occasionally and eat lots of Swedish goodies.Laughing

Luckily I have a private session coming up on tuesday and a duett on wednesday. I should also dust of my magic circle, or 1 of them (I have 10 sitting in the basement). I do love the magic circle, it's such a great tool, and I really get to work those inner thighs.

My new
excerpt from ad:

Joyful Movement Pilates Studio Has Moved to San Rafael!

Grand Opening Celebration
Only $165 for 3 Private Pilates Lessons

Contact us today to schedule your appointment:
415.309.3357 | |

No experience necessary—veterans and first-timers alike are welcome. If you have wanted to try Pilates, or if you are interested in continuing your ongoing practice, this is a great opportunity!

About the Studio
Joyful Movement

An article on Pilates from a reputable science magazine, with some test data. A local San Francisco Pilates instructor, Peter Lakis, has been interviewed for the article.
Click here to read.
I am all excited about Romana Pilates as you may know. There is a great, no, fantastic new  Pilates studio in town, Pilates Works, and if you want the very best instruction in classical Pilates, this is where you go.
I am taking weekly sessions now, from Lucero, one of the instructor/owners, she is sooo nice and super, I mean super knowledgable. In the very first session I had she saw and corrected things nobody ever had done before. Awesome.
I meet the owners to this new place on the
I recently signed up for a 10 week mat class at the Center studio in San Francisco.
The studio moved to a very nice and light new space, at 300 Sanchez Street, right before the class started. Though I only have taken 2 classes so far, I have observed instruction at the studio and the 2 classes is enough for me to review this studio, especially the instructor Larry Hall who is also the owner and teacher trainer for BASI pilates in San Francisco.



I had a great day.

The smoke cloud, and the fire, was getting bigger on the other side of the lake, but when I was in session with a great Pilates personality, that all went away. I had the pleasure today, to hear and see teaching from Kathi Ross-Nash, Mejo Wiggin and Jay Grimes.
Jay Grimes told stories of Joe in his studio, and since Jay was actually there taking Pilates from Joseph Pilates for years, he can tell it first hand. Jay is an "Elder", a true Master teacher, who is and
Oh my ! What a drive up here. We were all weak at the knees stepping out of the shuttle from Ontario Aiport, I was lucky to not have thrown up!! Cry

Anyway I am sooo happy to be here finally. The first thing we see is a wild fire up on the mountain ridge, that's a little scary, I do hope it will be under control soon. I have meet several great new people already, and if you are not here; your loss.
I will try to report as much as I can, there will be two full days of Classical Pilates to take in.
The springs are harder.
All springs (4) on for foot work, I am used to less resistance and my shoulders are pressing hard up against the shoulder rests.
Same with the hundreds, 4 springs, quite heavy.
And running and bottom lift.

Short spine has become something quite different. Since my hamstrings are rather flexible, I don't get to leave my feet up, and get that nice long placing down of the spine with the stretch of the spine and the legs. Instead I keep knees folded in and working the back
After my Seattle visit I have become determined to really focus on the real classical Pilates you get from a Romana certified teacher. I am now signed up with Robin at Golden Gate Pilates in San Francisco, and I am going to stick with a 2 times a week workout schedule for the rest of the year (I will sneak off and do some mat at my favorite places too). Just in case I am also logging my sessions, should I actually want to test out for the certification.

For the Romana certification one has to
Tracy Anderson a Pilates instructor and studio owner, abandoned her customers in Indiana, and without leaving any notice, she moved to California. Clients were left with sessions already paid, and only an email excusing for the closure. Tracy Anderson seemed to just take off, but she must have planned her move to LA for some time. With the money she took from clients she opened up a new Pilates studio in Studio City.
Luckily she seem to be doing some payback at this point, both time in jail
So turns out, I have been thinking that I am in the know about "classical Pilates". Embarassed
Well, not to a full 100% it turns out.
I took another session in Seattle, the day after my Dorothee experience. At Pilates International Seattle, where you can take a certification course and get certified by Romana herself. I took a private session with Jodie Stolz, who is a GREAT teacher.

The work is just so much more, well real. It really feels more muscular and precise. I love Pilates the way I
Well I think I just had my first real, REAL Classical Pilates session. I took a trio class at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. The class was advanced, with all instructors working out. The biggest problem was, I am not trained in the REAL Classical way, with the sequence pre-set and the pace, my god the pace. I loved it though!

I mean, I knew that what exercise was coming next was supposed to, but there was no words! The other instructors just went on changing to the next exercise and the flow
This should get some people who think Pilates is for ballet dancers and women only, to book their first Pilates session.
An article about Tiger woods butt and also his superb swing. How and why he can hit the ball so hard, when other golfers gets low back pain, rotating from there, Tiger uses his Pilates powerhouse and uses his butt muscles in his swing.

Read more click here.
Starting position:
Upper body in the folded up position (like in the 100's). Right leg bent and left out straight on a diagonal. Fingers interlaced behind your neck, elbows out to the sides.
criss cross

Inhale (through nose please) sending the air to the sides of your ribs to set up the breath.

Exhale and turn your upper body to the right, strive towards the right knee with your left shoulder, NOT with the elbow. Really rotate your spine and don't pull with your hands. Look back toward the
by Alycea Ungaro

This is another fantastic Pilates Mat book.
Alycea writes so well, and I love the way she has sectioned the chapters into perfect levels of introductory, basic, intermediate and advanced. With great explanations and how to do the exercises correctly and warnings of the common mistakes.

The book is very easy to use and it has beautiful color pictures. If you are a beginner you can really follow this book and use it continuously as you progress. I would say that if you are an
Detta är något jag får många email om. Jag har väldigt starka åsikter om detta förstås och många tycker säkert att jag är alldeles för kritisk och strikt i mina ideal.
Det finns god anledning för att vara så strikt. Pilates kan man inte lära sej på en kurs över en helg, och definitivt inte genom en bok.

Pilates tar många år att lära sej, punk slut.
Och om man någonsin tror sig

Photo Credit: Janne Danielsson

Ligg i uppfälld position (se 100) med höger ben böjt, det vänstra rakt ut på diagonal. Fingrarna i nacken, armbågarna utåt sidorna.

Vrid överkroppen åt höger, sträva mot höger knä med vänster axel, INTE med armbågen. Titta bakåt på den bakre armbåen Håll armbågarna utåt hela tiden, dra inte i huvudet. Andas in genom

I am soo looking forward to this workshop, but I'll have to wait until September.

Some amazing teachers will be at this workshop; Jay Grimes (1st generation Teacher (elder)), Dorothee VandeWalle (2nd gen), Siri Dharma Galliano (2nd gen), Kathryn Ross-Nash (2nd gen), MeJo Wiggin (2nd gen) and Peter Fiasca (2nd gen).

Check out the link for more information if you are interested in going too:


OK here's the deal. It's two days after my Jumpus Maximus class and I am sooo sore. Mostly my calves. Ouch, it's really hard to walk down the stairs.

It's like when I took that long walk around Land's end in SF, with all the stairs down to the rocky beach and up again. I think it was the up that killed my calves then. Same soreness. Too much.

Crap, because I really enjoyed the class, and I though; yeah! this will be a regular thing. I don't know how people go back to

I have now tried Mercury Fitness' Jumpus Maximus class. I loved it.
I haven't done jump board in a while, and it's soo much cardio. Man I am out of shape.

If you haven't tried jump board, you have to, it is so fun. My teacher was Jeana for this class, and she is super. We also did a good amount of upper body stuff, including my favorite: kneeling arm series.

If you are a skater or a dancer you should definitely do jump board Pilates, and if your Pilates instructor is any good
by Brooke Siler

Pilates Body Challenge BookI love this book!

You have to get it. Brooke has written the ultimate Pilates Life Book.

I have always tried to convey to people that Pilates is a way of life, in the way that you can use the Pilates principles as you work, practice all different sports, train at the gym, walk your baby in the stroller and so on. This is the book that will spell it out for you. And she uses great imagery to think about, so you get the right focus, you can't really not do it right.

Soooo many women panic when they become pregnant and think ; "Oh my god! I am so out of shape and I will be even worse after the birth of my baby". Beware, now is NOT the time to start a strenuous exercise regime.
But Pilates modified for pregnancy can be excellent for you. Of course anybody who haven't worked out before pregnancy, should take it extra easy.
Exercising at low intensity is not "dangerous", it will benefit both you and your baby. All considering you have a
I have a black long sleeved with print: Got Powerhouse?

I love it. It's so nice and thin, so I can't actually wear it working out, plus the fabric is super soft.

The owner of this company, Kira, had a stand at The Mind Body Expo and she is super nice.
Be sure to visit her web site and order a tank or t-shirt.


Starting position:

Lie on your back with your legs bent and pressing together, and feet on the floor. Arms straight on the floor behind your head. Don't let the shoulders come up to your ears, really draw shoulderblades and shoulders down.

Photo Credit: Janne Danielsson


Inhale, lift your arms and head up from the floor, float your shoulderblades up as well on the inhale. When you run out of lung room, and the upward movement is getting exceedingly harder, start the exhale and PULL


Utgångsposition: Ligg på rygg med benen böjda och sammanpressade, fötterna i golvet. Armarna raka på golvet över huvudet, låt inte axlarna krypa upp mot öronen, utan dra ner dem ifrån öronen och skulderbladen ner mot ländryggen.

Photo Credit: Janne Danielsson

Övning: Andas in, lyft armarna och rulla upp huvud och axlar ifrån golvet på inandningen, armarna sträcks mot benen. Andas ut, dra ner naveln mot ryggraden


He is back. My dear husband went to Seattle for a shoulder surgery last week, and he got back yesterday, one day early. This is the reason why I have not blogged at all since he been gone, and not done much Pilates either.

I will go and have a private session on friday, with one of my favorite teachers in SF.

I did do the nasty five a few times. Do you know what the nasty five is? Apperently Romana calls; the 100's, single leg stretch, double leg strech, single straight leg stretch and


attending The Mind Body Spirit Conference in Santa Clara.

I had classes with the following well renowned teachers; Lolita San Miguel, Peter Fiasca, Alycea Ungaro, Kathy Corey, Michael Fritzke, Ton Voogt and others.

I was expecially happy to get to experience Lolita, since she is one of the Pilates Elders. She says she doesn't mind the title Elder, since in Native American it is a title of reverance and used with most respect. She is the youngest of the Elder group and very much engaged in the


I took a "Pilates" class in Mexico last week, when we were on spring break in Puerto Vallarta. The hotel, The Marriott Casamagna, offers a spa with a small gym and some group classes. twice a week they have a Pilates class. Of course I had to try it.

I was hoping it would be great, and I missed my classes in San Francisco, I really wanted the Pilates to be "real". I was soo disapointed to realize this was not Pilates at all. I suspect the instructor hadn't actually taken


I took another great class at Mercury today. Noticed I am trying to work through their entire class menu?

This was a group tower class. The instructor, Abby, was super nice and very knowledgeable, as is everyone at Mercury. In class I was missing the under-springed series, but in a class of 4 people it's not very safe. I do like that series though and I will have to soon get my act together and assemble my Cadillac, that is collecting dust in the basement. I have equipment for a whole studio


This mat looks great. Just imagine being able to stretch out any direction and still be on the mat. I haven't tried, but I can imagine I would like it. Especially for Yoga, it looks too thin for Pilates.

Click here for link.


Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy
by Kenneth Moses, Pedro Nava, John Banks, Darrell Petersen

Ever wonder where and how the biceps attaches to the glenoid? How about whether the transversus abdominis goes over or under the rectus abdominis? If you want to see for yourself exactly what these structures look like, then look no further than the Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy. This professional reference book has all the anatomy that one can stomach.
The book contains many clear diagrams, but its main


Wanna know more about the legedary Ron?

excerpt from interview:

"IN TODAY'S CELEBRITY-DRIVEN culture, Pilates--a style of body conditioning that's been around since the 1930s--is enjoying new popularity. Most instructors working today are not old enough to have studied directly with Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, although there are a few, including 82-year-old Run Fletcher, a lively and still-limber man who studied with Martha Graham..."

To read the whole article click


So sore.

I don't like to be so sore.

Pilates, the classical way, has never really made me that sore (well maybe sometimes), but this "kick ass" Pilates class I took (two days ago!) is still interfering with my moving around, for gods sake.

At Mercury Fitness, where I have taken a chair class before, that also was tough, but as expected, they have these "kick ass" Pilates group classes. Names like: Iron Reformer (which is the one I took), Reformer on Roids, Towering


This is the best Pilates mat workout book there is.

There is just the right amount of general information plus specific Pilates information in the first chapters.
The book covers the whole classical mat program, well explained and shown with pretty pictures. It is divided into appropriate levels for modified beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced and some extras for advanced level. Plus the standing wall series and the Wall (the cool down).

The exercises are extremely well explained and


Pilates är utmärkt att utöva under graviditeten. Vare sig du mår jättebra eller om du har ont och mår allmänt tjuvtjockt. Träning skadar inte barnet, tvärtom, av regelbunden lågintensitetsträning mår både barn och du bättre.

När du tränar Pilates gravid, bör du fokusera på andning, bäckenbottsmuskler, rumpa, ben och armar och axlar. Välgörande stretchövningar och
Pilates träning - för hela kroppen
I pilates fokuserar man sig på korrekt form, kroppsplacering, andning, och en strävan efter jämnvikt på muskulaturen. Träning av "alla" muskler, så att ett jämnviktsläge skapas i kroppen. Till skillnad ifrån vanlig gym träning där oftast endast stora muskler tränas, bicep, framsida av lår, tvättbräde-muskeln osv, där man ofta bortser ifrån eller
You have to read this article from a British newspaper. the guy is very recognizable, as in, we all know people like him. And he writes hilariously.

excerpt from article:
"I AM not a bendy man.
I knew this before I agreed to undergo an hour of intensive, one-on-one Pilates, and I was acutely aware of it afterwards.
My hour with Gaille Dean of Ultimate Pilates taught me two things: my hamstrings aren't as long as I thought they were and evil can wear a pretty smile and
I often go to Simply Balanced ( on California St in SF for Pilates classes.

My favorite teacher is Susan Powers, she is incredibly knowledgeable and funny. In addition to Pilates she is also trained in The Franklin Method (, which is a great approach to anatomy and very interesting to apply to Pilates.

I take private sessions with Susan and I try to attend the mat class, which is scheduled daily except sunday.. This is one of the best mat classes


Mountainbiking, spinning, eller vanlig motionscykling. Cykling har växt otroligt på senare år, både som en form av konditionsträning och som sport. Pilates har mer att göra med cykelträning än vad man kan tro. Formen för en effektiv cykelträning är beroende av din position på cykeln och din bålmuskulatur.

Detta ska du tänka på när du cyklar

Huvud och nacke: avslappnad med blicken
En golf sving utsätter ryggen för mycket påfrestande tryck på både ryggrad och muskler. Dålig flexibilitet och muskelstyrka kan orsaka mindre slitningar som lätt kan utvecklas till svårare skador.

Du som spelar golf, hur många gånger under en golfrunda böjer du dej ner för att placera eller plocka upp bollen? Hur mycket roterar du kroppen, och oftast i bara en riktning, när du svingar klubban. Kommer du hem, eller vaknar
I found a new studio I will definitively go back to, hopefully often. Mercury Fitness on Laguna Street @ Union, it's listed in my Pilates Studio finder.

I loved this class, I am big fan of the chair, and I felt the class was very classic, with some variations.
The teacher and owner Lara, is super nice and seems very knowledgeable, she
certainly gives a kick ass chair class! I haven't done chair in quite a while, no excuses either since I have 2 Balanced Body chairs in my basement . Well
Today I took a reformer session at Ellie Herman's in SF. The teacher I know from before, Janine Fondillier, and she is soo great. There is an instructor certification program at Ellie's and I think several of those students dropped in, without signing up, which is why the class ended up rather full.

The session was great with some non-classical stuff and very level appropriate (there is a level classification on the schedule), this was level 4 (goes to level 5).
However regarding my own
tomorrow I think. At Sanchez Street Studios they offer classes on Sundays, so there is no escape . The teacher gave us a fairly well rounded hour of exercises, not anything like a classical mat class, but good.
She started with some stabilizing stuff on the roller, and continued with the class involving both the magic circle and the ball. Since I am over 6 feet tall I got to have the biggest ball, just right for some exercises, and quite heavy for holding between my ankles....
We did only a
She broke a few myth bubbles and was perfectly delightful and funny!

First myth broken.
Joseph Pilates did not die as a result of the smoke inhalation from the fire in the building where his studio was located. But he did in a sense die of smoke inhalation, he died as a result of his habit of smoking cigars. Two years after the fire, Joeseph Pilates died of advanced emphysema. .
Joe and Clara lived in an apartment in the same building were the studio was, as did Bruce King. In fact, the fire
Rolling like a Ball

Starting position
Sit with your legs bent, feet together and knees opened. Take hold with your hands on the back of your thighs and lift your feet of the floor, balancing back onto your tailbone. Pull your shoulders down from your ears, and shoulder blades down and out. Bend head slightly in to your chest and look at your belly, see that belly button pulling in towards your spine.

Inhale and roll yourself back to your shoulder blades, keeping your rounded

Starting position
Lie on your back with your legs together and lifted in a bent position. Exhale and pull your belly button to the floor, try to keep it there throughout the exercise and try to pull it down even more with every exhalation. Lay your arms straight above your head on the floor, without letting your ribcage push up. Feel your tail bone heavy to the floor without pushing it down, and don’t arch.

Photo Credit: Janne Danielsson

The exercise
Inhale into your back and float your arms,

Read this inspiring article about real Pilates devotees, from Time Magazine. Just don't start eating chocolate cake every night!

excerpt from article:

"Now Bassett, 24, is coached twice a week on exotic machines with names like the Reformer--and the benefits she describes sound miraculous. Two hours of work with no sweat has allowed her to drop from a size 10 to a size 8, sometimes 6. Her stomach has been whittled; her hips have slimmed. She has the posture and lanky gait of a
Don't miss this cool little article on Romana from Time Magazine.

Excerpt from article:

"Romana Kryzanowska weaves her way through Drago's Gym in midtown Manhattan like a mother hen, tending to her clients, teachers and apprentice instructors. The setting could be just about any well-appointed Pilates studio. What's unique is Kryzanowska, a pint-size dynamo who has taught Pilates for the past six decades--and who has just re-leased a four-volume DVD called Romana's Pilates. "I'm