Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Resources & Links
Balanced Body EquipmentThe largest Pilates equipment distributor.
Cerebral Palsy GuidancePilates is particularly well suited to being adapted for people with physical limitations and to improving the symptoms of cerebral palsy while also increasing mobility and range of motion.
Classical PilatesHere you'll find the best Pilates dvd's on the market, for the classical Pilates method. I use these for myself, and I sold them at my studio.
Gratz IndustriesThe most original Pilates Equipment maker.
Kira's Rock your Powerhouse Pilates blogThis is a fantastically eloquent Pilates blog by the gal who sells those fab Pilates t-shirts.
Mary BowenMary is one of the few remaining 1st generation teachers (Pilates elder).
Romanas PilatesWell, here you have Romana's own homepage. Read carefully!