Sunday, 17th of December 2017
Sunday, 17th of December 2017
Resources & Links
Alycea Ungaro BlogThe very talented NY trainer Alycea also has a blog where she answers questions personally.
ArmacellThe best Pilates mats, I had these in my studio. They are thick and Sanitized treated so easy to keep clean. They also have a great hanging system for vertical storage.
Balanced Body EquipmentThe largest Pilates equipment distributor.
Classical PilatesHere you'll find the best Pilates dvd's on the market, for the classical Pilates method. I use these for myself, and I sold them at my studio.
Gratz IndustriesThe most original Pilates Equipment maker.
Kira's Rock your Powerhouse Pilates blogThis is a fantastically eloquent Pilates blog by the gal who sells those fab Pilates t-shirts.
Mary BowenMary is one of the few remaining 1st generation teachers (Pilates elder).
Romanas PilatesWell, here you have Romana's own homepage. Read carefully!