Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
tomorrow I think. At Sanchez Street Studios they offer classes on Sundays, so there is no escape . The teacher gave us a fairly well rounded hour of exercises, not anything like a classical mat class, but good.
She started with some stabilizing stuff on the roller, and continued with the class involving both the magic circle and the ball. Since I am over 6 feet tall I got to have the biggest ball, just right for some exercises, and quite heavy for holding between my ankles....
We did only a few of the Pilates mat exercises, and they were almost all modified to involve the ball (the class is called Mat & Ball Class), except for single leg stretch and criss cross. No side kicks (my absolute favorite series) and no extension exercises, so I was missing that.

The studio is located in a quaint victorian in Noe Valley, lower level hosts the group classes and on a second level there is the equipment for private sessions.

The studio offers a few different group classes and I'll go back and try them out.
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