Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019

So sore.

I don't like to be so sore.

Pilates, the classical way, has never really made me that sore (well maybe sometimes), but this "kick ass" Pilates class I took (two days ago!) is still interfering with my moving around, for gods sake.

At Mercury Fitness, where I have taken a chair class before, that also was tough, but as expected, they have these "kick ass" Pilates group classes. Names like: Iron Reformer (which is the one I took), Reformer on Roids, Towering Inferno, Grit and Grind mat etc. And if you have taken Pilates equipment sessions before, then these names sound scary, and you should be scared, this is not what you are used to. I like it in a self punishment kind of way.

Now, the class is listed as appropriate for all levels, which I disagree with, there was too much advanced stuff for some of the participants (including me). Also the high repetitions of some exercises was way too much.

Still, I will go back for more.

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