Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
So turns out, I have been thinking that I am in the know about "classical Pilates". Embarassed
Well, not to a full 100% it turns out.
I took another session in Seattle, the day after my Dorothee experience. At Pilates International Seattle, where you can take a certification course and get certified by Romana herself. I took a private session with Jodie Stolz, who is a GREAT teacher.

The work is just so much more, well real. It really feels more muscular and precise. I love Pilates the way I have been taught, and all the different "flavors" I get when taking sessions and classes from different people. And at this point I know that I must have more of the true classical Pilates.

I took another session today, at a studio in San Francisco, Golden Gate Pilates, where all the instructors are certified by Romana. My teacher was Robin, and she was SUPER. I will start going there a lot, especially if I am actually going to try for the certification course. I did think about getting a Romana certification for a while before this, and after the past couple of weeks it just seems right.
I'll be sure to blog away about it.Laughing
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