Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Well I think I just had my first real, REAL Classical Pilates session. I took a trio class at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. The class was advanced, with all instructors working out. The biggest problem was, I am not trained in the REAL Classical way, with the sequence pre-set and the pace, my god the pace. I loved it though!

I mean, I knew that what exercise was coming next was supposed to, but there was no words! The other instructors just went on changing to the next exercise and the flow was beautiful, but I couldn't keep up. They have of course trained with Dorothee, so they knew exactly what to do. She didn't have me do all they did fortunately, since my friend Nancy who was also in the session, can really do it ALL. The issues I have with different parts of my back and neck, was real evident in this classical session. And of course, Dorothee can see everything in a split second. I really need that constant poking (ie tactile cues) and reminders, that many teachers don't bother with or don't see that I need them. I wish I could go here regularly!!!!
Dorothee Vanderwalle is a teacher of teachers, she has been assisting Romana for years in her teacher training. She now has her own program and she says it is pretty much like Romana's . You will get absolute top notch training here, both as a client and as a teacher in training.
Link to their website here.

There really is a huge difference between "other" Pilates and Classical. If you haven't experienced Classical Pilates, you have to. Make sure you get to feel the difference, chance is you wanna have more of it, often.
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