Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Well after a 3 week vacation in Sweden, I am soooo ready to get back to my Pilates regimen. The only thing I have been doing for myself for the last while is stretch my hams occasionally and eat lots of Swedish goodies.Laughing

Luckily I have a private session coming up on tuesday and a duett on wednesday. I should also dust of my magic circle, or 1 of them (I have 10 sitting in the basement). I do love the magic circle, it's such a great tool, and I really get to work those inner thighs.

My new years resolution is to blog more, it is pathetic how little I have blogged so far. So please cheer me on.

Welcome to a new year of Pilates and a healty body and mind for 2008.
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