Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
This is what my instructor have had me do for the past 2 weeks, due to a large incision on my back.
I had a rather tiny mole taken out before Christmas, and they took out a whole lot of surrounding tissue too. 4.6 centimeters x 1.6 centimeters (thank god the medical measurements always are in metric so I know exactly what they are talking about!!).
This meant quite a few stitches right at my mid-back just left of the spine. Haven't done much flexing lately...
I am soo over this by now, I just want to be back to normal, life and Pilates.
While last week I did only some chair, and standing work, this week I could actually lie on my back on the reformer.

The preservation stuff always seems so darn hard to do. Same thing last time this was used on me when I had a REALLY bad crick in the neck. My one favorite is the 10.10.10. Let me explain to the uninitiated.
Lying on back with both feet on mat, bent at knee. One leg lifts up to (opposite) knee height and rotating out, squeezing glutes and inner thighs, press knees together while counting SLOWLY to 10. Lower leg half way down ("pressing" legs together without moving of course). Repeat counting. Lower to ankle, repeat count to 10. Other leg :-)
LOVE this exercise!!!! You can always squeeze some more and really try to hold the inner thigh the whole time, as you progress. Nice sore feeling in the morning :-)

Really good for working up the ability to hold the legs in the teaser my friends, you have to try it. I hereby promise to d this every other day!
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