Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Well as a Pilates instructor you want your clients not just to think about Pilates for the hour or so a week they train with you but to realise how Pilates can help them to make themselves feel better on a daily basis. I managed to have the opportunity to put my clientele to the test recently when i unfortunately had to close for a month whilst relocating my studio. I was overjoyed when my clientele returned to discover how many of them had kept up with their mat exercises during the closure as they realised how good it made them feel. Here's to making more Pilates addicts.
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Jeanette wrote:

Hear, hear!

 That's what I am always trying to convince people too! To be using Pilates in daily life, because it is not just the best way to work out your muscles, it's a way of life (cliché warning)!!!!

It's great when people realize that they ultimatly have the power to change their own body and to keep pain free, or on top of their game, etc.

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