Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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He is back. My dear husband went to Seattle for a shoulder surgery last week, and he got back yesterday, one day early. This is the reason why I have not blogged at all since he been gone, and not done much Pilates either.

I will go and have a private session on friday, with one of my favorite teachers in SF.

I did do the nasty five a few times. Do you know what the nasty five is? Apperently Romana calls; the 100's, single leg stretch, double leg strech, single straight leg stretch and the criss cross, the Nasty Five. Or is it not those exact 5? I suddenly can't remember if the Double straight leg is in there and the 100's not. Has anybody else heard of Romana's Nasty five?

Of course when I get started I have to do the Roll up, and then naturally some extension stuff, usually single and double leg kicks plus swimming. By then I have really gotten going and I have to do some of the side kick series, which is my favorite mat exercises and suddenly I have soon done a whole mini mat class. Adding the teaser at the end and sometimes the Push up. I love mat work!!!!