Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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It's another year and with comes another Pilates Method Alliance Conference.  This year the annual meeting is going to be held in Indian Wells, California from October 25th through to the 28th., Inc has had the honor and privilege of attending the conference every year since 2013, the first year after our opening.  It was an incredible experience where we met new friends and acquaintances, learned from experts in the practice and began introducing our product to the community.  Quite honestly, we haven't looked back since.

We have attended the meeting every year since.  We began our journey with the PMA as sponsors when the gathering was in San Diego.  We followed it up next year in Denver and continued our attendance last year when the PMA event was held in our hometown of Phoenix.  Every event since our first became a homecoming/reunion of sorts because the people we first met in 2013 are now folks we consider friends.  Seeing them again brings greetings with hugs instead of solely smiles and handshakes.  But then again, that's the way it is with the PMA family.

Last year's PMA introduced the world premier showing of the Joseph Pilates Tribute Movie, (read our review of the movie here), which wowed and awed the crowd.  It was a time when Pilatespal partners Heather and Jolene had an opportunity to reflect on what our purpose and goal is with  It also was a recommitment of sorts to stay true to the legacy and wishes of Joe with regard to sharing his method with the world.

In the first year, Pilatespal partner Jolene being new to the Pilates industry was amazed by the star-studded event because it was then she saw the people in person whom she only read about online or in books prior to that moment.  Seeing well-known faces and meeting the wonderful masters of the practice the likes of Risa SheppardBenjamin Degenhardt, Karen Ellis AKA The Pilates NerdBrent Anderson and so many more that listing them all could take up the remainder of the post.  (Though by not listing we would want to ensure no offense intended.)  The ultimate for her was seeing the Elder Mary Bowen.  No words could convey the excitement of that moment.

In the following years we have come to see and talk with many more familiar faces such as Madeline BlackAlycea UngaroAlan HerdmanLolita San MiguelRael IsacowitzChuck Rapoport and others.  (Once more, we haven't included everyone and have no offense whatsoever intended in not adding everyone.) We greet many of these folks with hugs these days and catch up the happenings in their lives and work in the way that friends tend to do. Plus, we get to meet new people along the way. It's an enjoyable time for us not only build these relationships, but also learn from them and grow in our experience and knowledge of the practice based on their many years of work in the method.

We offer this post to convey two things specifically that we are excited to share with readers.  One is that we will be returning to the PMA in California for the 2017 annual meeting and the second being that if you haven't attended the PMA, we highly encourage you to do so.  It is guaranteed to be a memory you won't soon forget.  You will see the experts and have an opportunity to meet them as we have.  You will gain a wealth of knowledge from the instructional sessions available at the conference, and network and build lasting relationships with other Pilates enthusiasts.  We also want to extend a warm welcome to you if you do decide to come to the event and we would welcome the opportunity to meet you as well.  Please stop by our booth and say hello!