Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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I recently signed up for a 10 week mat class at the Center studio in San Francisco.
The studio moved to a very nice and light new space, at 300 Sanchez Street, right before the class started. Though I only have taken 2 classes so far, I have observed instruction at the studio and the 2 classes is enough for me to review this studio, especially the instructor Larry Hall who is also the owner and teacher trainer for BASI pilates in San Francisco.


For me, I am usually positive in my reviewsSmile, this is big to declare. I will try to get my money back, for the remainder of the course, because I don't want to go back.
I had great hopes for this studio, since I have heard that Rael Isacowitz (creator of BASI) is amazing. I choose this matclass specifically because it was instructed by "master teacher" Larry (there were other classes earlier in the spring with other instructors).

The instruction itself was ok, meaning the actual cues on the exercises were mostly clear, but this is not Pilates, more like a pilates inspired workout. I also witnessed private instruction by Larry and other teachers in the studio before and after my classses, and again, they do not teach Pilates there, really. Plus the instruction sounded demeaning to their clients, sometimes borderline rude.

Also since I am not male or a gay male, I was treated like a second rate citizen (male clients were treated significantly different, like; were accknowledged immediatly upon walking into the place, and more politely spoken to). Larry acted unproffessional in between classes, he even stuck his tounge out at me.Surprised Can you believe it.!!

In addition, I had a very sore lower back, for several days after the 2nd class. For some reason, the 2nd time Larry had the class perform much more advanced stuff, than the week before. I knew while I was doing the exercises that it was no good, and I should have just stopped. But my type A personality kicked in and I thought I was strong enough to take it. Embarassed
I just wonder how the other people in the class fared. Many of the movements were HIGHLY above everybody's level. Why the hell would you teach a class that way??

Anyway, I am out of there, and I don't recommend the studio.