Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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NEWS! Kathi Ross-Nash Visits San Francisco March 8th, 2009

Master Mat Class 8:30-9:30 March 8th, 2009 @ODC Dance Commons 351 Shotwell St, San Francisco --$25

Continuing Education Seminar March 8th 1:30-4:30    The Pilates Center of San Francisco 351 Shotwell St. San Francisco-$250 (included Mat Class)

For those of you know Kathi and her work, she is a true testament to what Pilates can do for a body and how the work should look when it's done properly. For those who don't know Kathy, you should come see her in action and witness for yourself first hand.

A Master of the classical work, Kathi has years of training under Romana. She comes from a dance background (Ballet Hispanico),  she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and she is also an AFTA fitness trainer. Kathi was guest teacher at the Big Bear Conference and is featured in Romana's videos.

Call 415 294-3505 for more info

I now live in the Emerald City, Seattle for you not in the know. This allows me to be a client at one of the best, if not the best, Pilates studio on the west coast; Metropolitan Pilates. I have been coming for privates sessions, once a week, since the summer, and my excellent instructor is Adrianna.
My cardiovascular capacity is certainly improved, this is a workout people, not a rest. If you don't get "warm" or better, break a sweat, you ain't getting busy in your Pilates practise.
Now, I have been running several times a week (well some weeks it was more than one time Innocent) and that has also helped. I really was pretty pathetic when it came to running before, my heart gave out much faster than my legs. Now I feel I have remedied that and I am getting a little addicted to running. Hm, must try to get up early tomorrow and do a run, before the kids get up.
Makes the Pilates more "easy" too, I mean more doable.

Anyways, I love my new regular regimen and I am even starting to play with the thought of teaching again, I miss it!
I am all excited about Romana Pilates as you may know. There is a great, no, fantastic new  Pilates studio in town, Pilates Works, and if you want the very best instruction in classical Pilates, this is where you go.
I am taking weekly sessions now, from Lucero, one of the instructor/owners, she is sooo nice and super, I mean super knowledgable. In the very first session I had she saw and corrected things nobody ever had done before. Awesome.
I meet the owners to this new place on the horrible ride from the airport to Big Bear Lake, that I wrote about earlier.
So turns out, I have been thinking that I am in the know about "classical Pilates". Embarassed
Well, not to a full 100% it turns out.
I took another session in Seattle, the day after my Dorothee experience. At Pilates International Seattle, where you can take a certification course and get certified by Romana herself. I took a private session with Jodie Stolz, who is a GREAT teacher.

The work is just so much more, well real. It really feels more muscular and precise. I love Pilates the way I have been taught, and all the different "flavors" I get when taking sessions and classes from different people. And at this point I know that I must have more of the true classical Pilates.

I took another session today, at a studio in San Francisco, Golden Gate Pilates, where all the instructors are certified by Romana. My teacher was Robin, and she was SUPER. I will start going there a lot, especially if I am actually going to try for the certification course. I did think about getting a Romana certification for a while before this, and after the past couple of weeks it just seems right.
I'll be sure to blog away about it.Laughing
Well I think I just had my first real, REAL Classical Pilates session. I took a trio class at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. The class was advanced, with all instructors working out. The biggest problem was, I am not trained in the REAL Classical way, with the sequence pre-set and the pace, my god the pace. I loved it though!

I mean, I knew that what exercise was coming next was supposed to, but there was no words! The other instructors just went on changing to the next exercise and the flow was beautiful, but I couldn't keep up. They have of course trained with Dorothee, so they knew exactly what to do. She didn't have me do all they did fortunately, since my friend Nancy who was also in the session, can really do it ALL. The issues I have with different parts of my back and neck, was real evident in this classical session. And of course, Dorothee can see everything in a split second. I really need that constant poking (ie tactile cues) and reminders, that many teachers don't bother with or don't see that I need them. I wish I could go here regularly!!!!
Dorothee Vanderwalle is a teacher of teachers, she has been assisting Romana for years in her teacher training. She now has her own program and she says it is pretty much like Romana's . You will get absolute top notch training here, both as a client and as a teacher in training.
Link to their website here.

There really is a huge difference between "other" Pilates and Classical. If you haven't experienced Classical Pilates, you have to. Make sure you get to feel the difference, chance is you wanna have more of it, often.