Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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I had a great day.

The smoke cloud, and the fire, was getting bigger on the other side of the lake, but when I was in session with a great Pilates personality, that all went away. I had the pleasure today, to hear and see teaching from Kathi Ross-Nash, Mejo Wiggin and Jay Grimes.
Jay Grimes told stories of Joe in his studio, and since Jay was actually there taking Pilates from Joseph Pilates for years, he can tell it first hand. Jay is an "Elder", a true Master teacher, who is and have been kind of anonymous. I hadn't heard of him, before I heard of this Intensive weekend conference. He was absolutely delightful and so dedicated to "the work".

Jay Grimes

Jay showing Troy the neck series on The Cadillac.
More on these workshops later, hopefully I can read my scribbled notes, plus I will upload some photos.