Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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Today I took a reformer session at Ellie Herman's in SF. The teacher I know from before, Janine Fondillier, and she is soo great. There is an instructor certification program at Ellie's and I think several of those students dropped in, without signing up, which is why the class ended up rather full.

The session was great with some non-classical stuff and very level appropriate (there is a level classification on the schedule), this was level 4 (goes to level 5).
However regarding my own level, I should really try to do the teaser more often!!!!!! I do find that after having 2 kids it's much harder to access those lower abs, (and there is more loose skin around that area too), and holding my long legs from there, IS more challenging nowadays.

I am now determined to make that class more or less every week, It's a great class and I feel so much better afterwards.