Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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I have now tried Mercury Fitness' Jumpus Maximus class. I loved it.
I haven't done jump board in a while, and it's soo much cardio. Man I am out of shape.

If you haven't tried jump board, you have to, it is so fun. My teacher was Jeana for this class, and she is super. We also did a good amount of upper body stuff, including my favorite: kneeling arm series.

If you are a skater or a dancer you should definitely do jump board Pilates, and if your Pilates instructor is any good they will have given you that already.

I took another great class at Mercury today. Noticed I am trying to work through their entire class menu?

This was a group tower class. The instructor, Abby, was super nice and very knowledgeable, as is everyone at Mercury. In class I was missing the under-springed series, but in a class of 4 people it's not very safe. I do like that series though and I will have to soon get my act together and assemble my Cadillac, that is collecting dust in the basement. I have equipment for a whole studio down there, that is not set up and so not usable....

Otherwise it was a very well rounded class and, I felt, more level appropriate than some other classes at Mercury.

So sore.

I don't like to be so sore.

Pilates, the classical way, has never really made me that sore (well maybe sometimes), but this "kick ass" Pilates class I took (two days ago!) is still interfering with my moving around, for gods sake.

At Mercury Fitness, where I have taken a chair class before, that also was tough, but as expected, they have these "kick ass" Pilates group classes. Names like: Iron Reformer (which is the one I took), Reformer on Roids, Towering Inferno, Grit and Grind mat etc. And if you have taken Pilates equipment sessions before, then these names sound scary, and you should be scared, this is not what you are used to. I like it in a self punishment kind of way.

Now, the class is listed as appropriate for all levels, which I disagree with, there was too much advanced stuff for some of the participants (including me). Also the high repetitions of some exercises was way too much.

Still, I will go back for more.

I found a new studio I will definitively go back to, hopefully often. Mercury Fitness on Laguna Street @ Union, it's listed in my Pilates Studio finder.

I loved this class, I am big fan of the chair, and I felt the class was very classic, with some variations.
The teacher and owner Lara, is super nice and seems very knowledgeable, she
certainly gives a kick ass chair class! I haven't done chair in quite a while, no excuses either since I have 2 Balanced Body chairs in my basement . Well I can't find the handles, so that's why....
Anyway I will try some other classes too, they all have fun names, like: Director Chair, All You Can Eat Mat, Reform School Reformer, Jumpus Maximus, etc. Highly recommended.