Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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The Russian splits. Have you tried them ?? Have you tried them the way the really should be done??
Probably not. I had great difficulty today, as my excellent instructor Lucero at PilatesWorks, threw these at me at the end of my session, when I thought I was done (after running and pelvic lift).
I had trouble even standing still in the position on my right leg. My right side is my trouble side, my right SI is off, my right hip is tight, my right ribcage is torqued, etc, etc. It was not sooo bad on my left leg, but still hard to move the carriage while staying stable in the pelvis.

When I did the Russian splits before it was much more about the actual split, maybe too much dance in the teacher's brain. I am quite flexible so that's not really hard for me to do, and not really beneficial or right! This is another exercise for me to work at, as my Knee stretches continues to improve! Yay!
Two days in a row of Pilates has left its slight ouches.
I had a private session on Tuesday morning with my excellent teacher Lucero at PilatesWorks in SF. A superb reformer hour, including almost everything. My knee stretches is getting ALOT better I have to say. I can do my 10/10/15 without wanting to die!
On Wednesdays I sometimes workout in a duet at my other favorite studio Golden Gate Pilates. We did some reformer exercises on the mat. If you haven't tried it, it is a hellish way of doing the footwork, lying down working the legs out on a diagonal in the air. Very, very efficient for the upper abs. Then of course the chair.....
I love Pilates!!