Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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Great interview with legendary Ron Fletcher in this uk paper. If you are an instructor you have to read it, and if you are into Pilates you should get a kick out of it.
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The springs are harder.
All springs (4) on for foot work, I am used to less resistance and my shoulders are pressing hard up against the shoulder rests.
Same with the hundreds, 4 springs, quite heavy.
And running and bottom lift.

Short spine has become something quite different. Since my hamstrings are rather flexible, I don't get to leave my feet up, and get that nice long placing down of the spine with the stretch of the spine and the legs. Instead I keep knees folded in and working the back of the legs and belly, this spine stretch is hidden behind an intense ham and belly exercise.

All this is GREAT!!!
I am feeling that I am really getting a super workout, I have certainly been trough far too many sessions taught in a rehab style. Nothing wrong with that, if that is what you need of course. Like I said before I love all the Pilates I have had (well not all perhaps), but most variations holds it's own special focuses that is good or great at times. This has a alot to do with the instructor, where they trained and their own experiences and ability to modify and communicate.

Also, since we give different focuses and variations to clients depending on what they need, that is probably how Joe Pilates came to be differently percieved to the today Master Teachers (Elders) that was trained by him. They all had various problems and reasons why they needed to go to Joe's studio, and Joe and Clara would naturally modify and specify accordingly. Having personally taken Pilates from Ron Fletcher and Mary Bowen first hand, I can tell the difference easily. And the Romana Pilates I get second hand at my new favorite studio (Golden Gate Pilates) is Pilates the Romana way, not the Joseph Pilates way, not more than any other Elder, I believe.

I happen to really like Pilates the Romana way, like so many others. New York is basically all Romana Pilates, while here on the west coast we get all kinds. I recommend you to go and try it all.

Wanna know more about the legedary Ron?

excerpt from interview:

"IN TODAY'S CELEBRITY-DRIVEN culture, Pilates--a style of body conditioning that's been around since the 1930s--is enjoying new popularity. Most instructors working today are not old enough to have studied directly with Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, although there are a few, including 82-year-old Run Fletcher, a lively and still-limber man who studied with Martha Graham..."

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