Saturday, 16th of February 2019
Saturday, 16th of February 2019
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by Brooke Siler

Pilates Body Challenge BookI love this book!

You have to get it. Brooke has written the ultimate Pilates Life Book.

I have always tried to convey to people that Pilates is a way of life, in the way that you can use the Pilates principles as you work, practice all different sports, train at the gym, walk your baby in the stroller and so on. This is the book that will spell it out for you. And she uses great imagery to think about, so you get the right focus, you can't really not do it right.

With sections on how to apply Pilates techniques at the gym and in other situations as well as many traditional Pilates exercises, this books is the one you need, when you are not at your favorite Pilates studio.