Friday, 14th of December 2018
Friday, 14th of December 2018
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Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy
by Kenneth Moses, Pedro Nava, John Banks, Darrell Petersen

Ever wonder where and how the biceps attaches to the glenoid? How about whether the transversus abdominis goes over or under the rectus abdominis? If you want to see for yourself exactly what these structures look like, then look no further than the Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy. This professional reference book has all the anatomy that one can stomach.
The book contains many clear diagrams, but its main feature are the almost 500 large, full-color dissection photos. The photos are amazingly clear (warning: they are not for the squeamish!). Its one thing to loook at a diagram and something entirely different to see an actual shoulder splayed open wide so you can see all the muscles, veins and nerves.
I have found the book invaluable when you are having trouble visualizing a specific muscle origin or placement.
The book also includes MRI and x-ray images, but I found these only of limited use for my needs. There are skeletal photographs to accompany all sections.
If you are in need of a professional-grade anatomical guide and don't mind seeing cadaver dissections, then this is your book. Click here to check it out.