Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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by Alycea Ungaro

This is another fantastic Pilates Mat book.
Alycea writes so well, and I love the way she has sectioned the chapters into perfect levels of introductory, basic, intermediate and advanced. With great explanations and how to do the exercises correctly and warnings of the common mistakes.

The book is very easy to use and it has beautiful color pictures. If you are a beginner you can really follow this book and use it continuously as you progress. I would say that if you are an instructor you may very well want to invest in this book and use it in your reference library.

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by Brooke Siler

Pilates Body Challenge BookI love this book!

You have to get it. Brooke has written the ultimate Pilates Life Book.

I have always tried to convey to people that Pilates is a way of life, in the way that you can use the Pilates principles as you work, practice all different sports, train at the gym, walk your baby in the stroller and so on. This is the book that will spell it out for you. And she uses great imagery to think about, so you get the right focus, you can't really not do it right.

With sections on how to apply Pilates techniques at the gym and in other situations as well as many traditional Pilates exercises, this books is the one you need, when you are not at your favorite Pilates studio.
Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy
by Kenneth Moses, Pedro Nava, John Banks, Darrell Petersen

Ever wonder where and how the biceps attaches to the glenoid? How about whether the transversus abdominis goes over or under the rectus abdominis? If you want to see for yourself exactly what these structures look like, then look no further than the Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy. This professional reference book has all the anatomy that one can stomach.
The book contains many clear diagrams, but its main feature are the almost 500 large, full-color dissection photos. The photos are amazingly clear (warning: they are not for the squeamish!). Its one thing to loook at a diagram and something entirely different to see an actual shoulder splayed open wide so you can see all the muscles, veins and nerves.
I have found the book invaluable when you are having trouble visualizing a specific muscle origin or placement.
The book also includes MRI and x-ray images, but I found these only of limited use for my needs. There are skeletal photographs to accompany all sections.
If you are in need of a professional-grade anatomical guide and don't mind seeing cadaver dissections, then this is your book. Click here to check it out.


This is the best Pilates mat workout book there is.

There is just the right amount of general information plus specific Pilates information in the first chapters.
The book covers the whole classical mat program, well explained and shown with pretty pictures. It is divided into appropriate levels for modified beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced and some extras for advanced level. Plus the standing wall series and the Wall (the cool down).

The exercises are extremely well explained and should be clear even if you haven't had instruction. My recommendation as always is however, that if you live where you can find quality Pilates instruction please do so.

One of my favorite things about this book is the great verbal imagery she uses, so you can find the right place and position. Imagery is so powerful and will help you get it right, and as we all know, the right position is critical in Pilates. Having a verbal concept to visualize not only helps you get into position, but helps you remember the different positions for each exercise.

Highly recommended.

Please click on book cover or here to go to Amazon for this excellent Pilates book.