Friday, 15th of February 2019
Friday, 15th of February 2019
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OK here's the deal. It's two days after my Jumpus Maximus class and I am sooo sore. Mostly my calves. Ouch, it's really hard to walk down the stairs.

It's like when I took that long walk around Land's end in SF, with all the stairs down to the rocky beach and up again. I think it was the up that killed my calves then. Same soreness. Too much.

Crap, because I really enjoyed the class, and I though; yeah! this will be a regular thing. I don't know how people go back to this class. Maybe I'm just a sissy, and I have to keep going back. We'll see what I do.

Right now I am booked into some other classes and summer is coming with travel and no spare time. I will have to try some Pilates studios where I am going, which is Seattle mostly.

I have now tried Mercury Fitness' Jumpus Maximus class. I loved it.
I haven't done jump board in a while, and it's soo much cardio. Man I am out of shape.

If you haven't tried jump board, you have to, it is so fun. My teacher was Jeana for this class, and she is super. We also did a good amount of upper body stuff, including my favorite: kneeling arm series.

If you are a skater or a dancer you should definitely do jump board Pilates, and if your Pilates instructor is any good they will have given you that already.