Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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This is exactly why I love and practise Pilates!
100 year old Ruth in New York does Pilates, and she has not even done it for that long (since she was 90!!) and lives a healty life without excesses. Take note people, life is what you make it.

Read article here.
Read this funny entry about Pilates from the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
I have to share this article, from the Huffington Post. And it is very true!!!!
If you not yet practising Pilates you will start tomorrow, right?!
But we already knew that!
You have to read this article with an interview of an opera singer, sent out today by Siri Dharma Galliano.
There is no question, that the people that were lucky enough to have studied with Joseph Pilates, always came away with a very strong impression. I would have loved to have meet him! In many ways, the way he is described, he reminds me of my late pappa.
It has been my wish since I started understaing Pilates, that I get to live a long and healthy life, and I really think I will Wink.
than exercise. I had to share this article, when I read it.
As a teacher you really do get to know your clients very well sometimes, especially if they come for years to your class. That is an aspect of teaching that is like icing on the cake, that people want to share their stories with you. I feel priviliged to teach , and get to spend time with people who is coming to me for help and guidance, not always only in the Pilates realm.
Imagine having lots of trouble with back pain, and be told you need to go under the knife. Frown
Sometimes all you need is Pilates.
Another inspiring success story. Read article here.
This is very true people.
Some say Pilates created his system of workout for men (himsef first), and it is certainly true, that men will benefit highly from Pilates exercises.
Of course this doesn't stop us women to do what we love, but maybe we can inspire the ones we love to do what we doLaughing

To read article click here.
There is a funny short from the New York Times, which when I read, I giggled.
I too am almost 6.1, and there is no way I can sit normally in an airplane seat, especially on trans-atlantic flights, where they make the space in between your seat and the next even shorter! Brooke, I feel your pain!
Great interview with legendary Ron Fletcher in this uk paper. If you are an instructor you have to read it, and if you are into Pilates you should get a kick out of it.
Please press link for article.
An article on Pilates from a reputable science magazine, with some test data. A local San Francisco Pilates instructor, Peter Lakis, has been interviewed for the article.
Click here to read.
Tracy Anderson a Pilates instructor and studio owner, abandoned her customers in Indiana, and without leaving any notice, she moved to California. Clients were left with sessions already paid, and only an email excusing for the closure. Tracy Anderson seemed to just take off, but she must have planned her move to LA for some time. With the money she took from clients she opened up a new Pilates studio in Studio City.
Luckily she seem to be doing some payback at this point, both time in jail and money back to old clients.
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This should get some people who think Pilates is for ballet dancers and women only, to book their first Pilates session.
An article about Tiger woods butt and also his superb swing. How and why he can hit the ball so hard, when other golfers gets low back pain, rotating from there, Tiger uses his Pilates powerhouse and uses his butt muscles in his swing.

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Wanna know more about the legedary Ron?

excerpt from interview:

"IN TODAY'S CELEBRITY-DRIVEN culture, Pilates--a style of body conditioning that's been around since the 1930s--is enjoying new popularity. Most instructors working today are not old enough to have studied directly with Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, although there are a few, including 82-year-old Run Fletcher, a lively and still-limber man who studied with Martha Graham..."

To read the whole article click here.

You have to read this article from a British newspaper. the guy is very recognizable, as in, we all know people like him. And he writes hilariously.

excerpt from article:
"I AM not a bendy man.
I knew this before I agreed to undergo an hour of intensive, one-on-one Pilates, and I was acutely aware of it afterwards.
My hour with Gaille Dean of Ultimate Pilates taught me two things: my hamstrings aren't as long as I thought they were and evil can wear a pretty smile and leggings."

"To look at the studio, stylistically positioned somewhere between a sex dungeon and a branch of Ikea, I had a feeling that its origins had something to do with state custody."

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Read this inspiring article about real Pilates devotees, from Time Magazine. Just don't start eating chocolate cake every night!

excerpt from article:

"Now Bassett, 24, is coached twice a week on exotic machines with names like the Reformer--and the benefits she describes sound miraculous. Two hours of work with no sweat has allowed her to drop from a size 10 to a size 8, sometimes 6. Her stomach has been whittled; her hips have slimmed. She has the posture and lanky gait of a dancer. "

To read the whole article click here.
Don't miss this cool little article on Romana from Time Magazine.

Excerpt from article:

"Romana Kryzanowska weaves her way through Drago's Gym in midtown Manhattan like a mother hen, tending to her clients, teachers and apprentice instructors. The setting could be just about any well-appointed Pilates studio. What's unique is Kryzanowska, a pint-size dynamo who has taught Pilates for the past six decades--and who has just re-leased a four-volume DVD called Romana's Pilates. "I'm old, but I don't feel old," says Kryzanowska, who turned 81 on June 30."

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