Sunday, 17th of February 2019
Sunday, 17th of February 2019
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if you are interested in a Balanced Body Legacy reformer, and if you are in the Seattle area, (or can arrange shipping), you may want to buy my reformer including the box for $3000. Check out the details att BB homepage.

Price new was $3595. My reformer is in perfect condition, absolutely no marks or scratches.

I am also looking to buy a Gratz reformer, 86" or 89".

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :-)
I am finally getting stronger in my quads.
In my initial teacher training we were told to not really work out the quads, "because they are strong anyway", and to focus on strengthening the hams. Well it has become clear to me as I took my first Classical session, that I was very weak in the legs.

Knee stretches, an exercise I never used to do, is becoming easier (well more doable). When I first did this exercise I nearly died. Really, I at least wanted to die. Since I first did this in an advanced (instructor) class, we did 3x10 reps; flexed back, extended back and knees off. If you have done this series you know what I am talking about.
In the beginning I even had trouble finding the position and maintaining it throughout was an impossibility. But I am getting there.

Knee stretches is still a killer, but now I am starting to like them. If your instructor is not giving this exercise to you, demand it. Instructors are reluctant to teach it because it is hard to teach. Also make sure you have some resistance, it should be hard.

So sore.

I don't like to be so sore.

Pilates, the classical way, has never really made me that sore (well maybe sometimes), but this "kick ass" Pilates class I took (two days ago!) is still interfering with my moving around, for gods sake.

At Mercury Fitness, where I have taken a chair class before, that also was tough, but as expected, they have these "kick ass" Pilates group classes. Names like: Iron Reformer (which is the one I took), Reformer on Roids, Towering Inferno, Grit and Grind mat etc. And if you have taken Pilates equipment sessions before, then these names sound scary, and you should be scared, this is not what you are used to. I like it in a self punishment kind of way.

Now, the class is listed as appropriate for all levels, which I disagree with, there was too much advanced stuff for some of the participants (including me). Also the high repetitions of some exercises was way too much.

Still, I will go back for more.

Read this inspiring article about real Pilates devotees, from Time Magazine. Just don't start eating chocolate cake every night!

excerpt from article:

"Now Bassett, 24, is coached twice a week on exotic machines with names like the Reformer--and the benefits she describes sound miraculous. Two hours of work with no sweat has allowed her to drop from a size 10 to a size 8, sometimes 6. Her stomach has been whittled; her hips have slimmed. She has the posture and lanky gait of a dancer. "

To read the whole article click here.